Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Autumn Leaves

One day, after we ate lunch we went to play with the autumn leaves.
 Jamie, Jaeden and I made a mountain for Zenalia because she is not in our family bubble. We changed our mountain into a bubble with leaves. We made it small but we wanted it bigger. The next day we wanted it to have no leaves inside. Zenalia was sitting in the middle of her bubble. 

Jamie said to make a mountain so we did. It took a long time. Finally it was done.
More leaves were falling softly to the ground. I ran to get more leaves suddenly I heard a crackling sound. Then I saw dried brown leaves crunch up because of my shoe. I asked Jaeden if we should add some colourful leaves, and he said ok. So we got some more leaves and put them in the huge bubble with the mountain in the middle. 

Sr Evalesi took some photos. We decided it was too big so we went outside our bubble and kicked it so it would be tiny like Zenalia. Then we jumped in it. After ten minutes we went with Mrs Deeney and Sister Evalesi into class. 
We enjoyed playing with the leaves and we hope it stays there.
                                      By Nicole


  1. Hi there Nicole, Thank you for sharing your recount of playing in the autumn leaves. I loved your use of interesting descriptive words in the text. Your illustration is amazing. It was lovely to see your happy, smiling faces in the photos that Sister Evalesi took. Awesome job Nicole!

  2. Great recount Nicole - there looks to be A LOT of leaves in your mountain...how many do you think there are altogether?